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Language & Culture Academy, Cardiff

Language & Culture Academy, Cardiff

The Centre for English Language

Learning & Cultural Academy Cardiff

Adult General English


15 Hours/week (Mornings)
24 Hours/week (Mornings & Afternoons)

The aim of this course is to improve the speaking and listening abilities of the learner as well as providing support and tuition to improve reading and writing in English.

Learning & Cultural Academy Cardiff

English for Work


6 Hours/week - 2 Days (Evenings)
15 Hours/week - 5 Days (Evenings)
15 Hours/week - 5 Days (Evenings) Ladies Only

The aim of this course is to improve the speaking and listening abilities of the learner with a focus on work based activities relevant to the group of Leaners.

Learning & Cultural Academy Cardiff

Creative Art


15 Hours/week - 3 Days (Daytime)
6 Hours/week - 2 Days (Evenings)

The aim of this course is to assist the Learner to develop an Artistic skill. The learner will undertake pencil drawing, begin the process of clay sculpting and begin to develop their skills in glass work.

Language & Culture Academy, Cardiff

Welcome to the

Language & Culture Academy


Here at The LCA, we’re committed to providing high quality Education that focuses on the aspirations and goals set by the Learner. By doing this, each Learner remains engaged and enthusiastic about each aspect of the course as it’s been completely designed by them. Each day, LCA will aim to improve your English speaking and written skills through target lead structures that focus on English in the workplace. If you’re looking to improve your English skills for the workplace, joining the LCA is the way!

Our English and Culture classes involve creating a Community where you can learn as well as meet others with similar goals and aspirations; who share in your successes as well as helping you achieve your own personal targets. Our English classes are sometimes run from our local castle; Cardiff Castle where we’ll walk our Students around the venue, all the while translating key words to help you know and achieve more.

Our English classes are mostly held in the evening as we know the importance of ensuring you’re able to work during your study. For more intensive courses, we offer full-time courses that will allow you to enter the workplace with an understanding of the English language, both spoken and written.

At the LCA, we’re all about making your dreams happen.

Language & Culture Academy, Cardiff


We want to ensure that anyone attending our course who doesn’t already live in the UK gets the very best experience whist staying. That’s why we have several options available including


We have several families who’ve taken care of Students for years and are experienced in helping students from different cultures and Countries feel comfortable. Living with a family and taking part in their everyday life gives the Learner the option to further develop their English Skills.


We have close links with several Higher Level Education Accommodation providers and encourage our more independent Students to stay in these environments to further develop their English skills while meeting like minded and other International Residents.


We’re able to provide a list of suggested Accommodation to help with your vetting process.

Use the Contact US button below to request a copy of our Up to Date Listing, or if you’d like to be a HomeStay Family or would like to be added to the Accommodation Listing

Language & Cultural Academy HQ
No. 16 Crwys Road
CF24 4NJ

Language & Culture Academy, Cardiff

02920 100 004